Brooks Power Systems Power Monitor Meter is available in many of our series.

The unit can monitor and displays Current draw in Amps (RMS), Voltage in Volts (RMS), Total Power in Watts and Power Factor.

The Power Monitor Meter displays single phase current readings as well as 3-phase current readings on 3-phase units. The display will scroll through each parameter (i.e. – Current, Voltage, Power and Power Factor). For 3-phase units, the display will scroll through each phase reading.

We think that you will be pleased with the accuracy of this product. The accuracy measures to within one percent (1%) of the power readings.

As Brooks Power Systems is always looking to improve its products and build in more flexibility, there will soon be an optional Ethernet connection for communication available. This will enable the user to view the Power Monitor Meter from another location.

All units are UL Listed to UL60950-1 (Information Technology Equipment) and FCC approved.