Multiple Outlet Strips


  • Brooks Power Systems Multiple Outlet Strips are built with rugged construction in Aluminum, Plastic or Steel

  • Available in Lengths up to 77 inches, with up to 24 outlets for vertical units. Rack mounted units for 19 inch racks are available in 1U or 2U size. Standard Cord Lengths are either 6 foot or 15 foot.

  • These unit are available with a rating of either 15 or 20 Amps. They are offered with a circuit breaker, and/or optional switch/pilot light.

  • The vertical units are available in Slim Line – SL Series, Low-Profile – BL Series or Industrial Line – BPS Series.

  • All units come complete with a mounting kit which could be Snap On/Slide Off Clips for the BL and BPS Series, Spring Clip mounting for the SL Series, Rack Mounting for 19 Inch Rack Units and Keyhole mounting for Steel or Plastic Units.

  • Units are certified by ETL or UL to UL 1363.

  • Most Aluminum units are made in the USA with US material and labor.

  • Orders can be custom built to your specifications.